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We purchased a 13k 03 V6 on the 13th July from Wayside St Albans and had to take the car back to the dealers for a dangerous fault. When you use the breaks hard (not emergency breaking ) the wheels lock up (ABS not working) and dont release causing the car to skid and vier to the right. Once the car has come to a stop the break pedal releases and you can then carry on your way with your heart firmly in your mouth!
It dosent matter how fast you are travelling, the faster you go the longer the skid. The dealer has had the car for a week trying to rectify the problem with the help of VW UK.
We hope to pick the car up tomorrow 14th August. I'll let you know the outcome.
Has anyone else had or heard of this problem?
I'm hoping that it is not something which might happen again as the thought of the breaks locking up and not releasing at speed with the Wife and Children in the car could have catastrophic results.

We were offered an exchange vehicle so we set about finding a car that was the same spec and it had to be off road gray. The only car that fit the bill was an 54 plate diesel at £31.995. We said we would consider the formentioned car and what deal would they offer us, the answer was they were prepaired to give us what we paid for ours (26k). They would have to give us the full amount back if we rejected the car but they say it's had another owner! and they would want the full retail price for the new car.
Both my wife and I were gob smacked! After trying to fix our car for over three weeks, making a profit on our Sharan (Part ex), a profit on the the v6 and now they have the front to profit out of the new car with no discount because they can't fix ours has left us truely shocked. If I had walked in off the street I would have negotiated a deal on the car so how comes I am expected to pay an extra 6k because they can't fix our car! Your comments would be appriciated
Yours a loyal VW customer (at the moment)
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I've had what can only be described as pitiful service from Wayside (Milton Keynes) after they ordered the wrong car and then only offered to refund the cost of the missing option...

Needless to say, I cancelled my order after the car was ready for delivery and I ordered a replacement vehicle from another dealer who really knows Luxury Car service and how to treat their customers.

My advice is to go to Trading Standards (and the BBC as I've done)
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