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would it be / can we have

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Dealer question title all of it's own please

I'm sure I have asked before.

With some guidelines as it may get busy and it would appear we have dealers on the site.

but Matt if you think it is a crap idea just tell me to SHUT UP
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I'm not convinced, but mainly because I don't think any dealers will put their necks on the line by answering questions posted on this forum (certainly any dealers that visit here at the moment do so incognito). And I wouldn't want a 'Dealer Questions' section where the answers came from anyone who wasn't a dealer.

Let's see what response you get from bone fide dealers. If any certified VW Luxury Cars retailer out there is willing to become a Touareg 'guru' and host an online Q&A, then get in touch with me here: [email protected]

OK Scottie?
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