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Window winding failure

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Anybody else had a window winding assemble failure yet? I thought I should report my experience. I won?t go into the details of an 800 mile journey with the window dropping an inch or so every 100 miles, but that was a real pain in the proverbial, and ear-hole as well.
I thought it was my fault as I had tried to open the window not realising it was frozen to the rubber seal. Anyway, turns out it wasn?t me it was just waiting to happen. As my Treg is out of warranty and has covered 78k I asked my resident mechanic/techy/sparky to have a look. Not an easy job either. He says it?s almost easier to fit a new door! After the internal trim panel is removed there is an intermediate panel where rivets have to be drilled out. Once that was done it revealed the winding assembly where one of the metal cables had clearly rusted and snapped at that weak point. A new assembly is about ?59?ish, not too bad I thought, but they?re on back order and won?t arrive until early February. The parts required were identified after Cooks at Peterborough (well done again) faxed us an exploded parts diagram.
When the new part is fitted I?ll try and get some pictures.
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