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Where have you been so far then ?

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In 9 months, Treg and me have visitied:

NORTH (Ayr, Scotland)
SOUTH (Dartmouth, Devon)
EAST (Great Yarmouth)
WEST (Blackpool ?)
FOREIGN (Amsterdam, Brussells, Paris, Biarittz, Andorra)

Hmmm - so thats where 23000 miles and a thousand gallons of the black stuff went...

God I'm bored.........
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Ok since April = 4 Months = 12,000 miles

We've been to Southport = twice
Yorkshire = 1
European = Austria Germany Holland Belguim

Scotland to many places to mention
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From 1st September 2004 to May 2005 - 9,000 Miles around Yorkshire (including too many unnecessary trips to Sainsbury's just to get behind the wheel.....)

Since May 2005, 16,000 Miles between Leeds, Glasgow and Dartford/Chelmsford. Oh, and the 2 months of commuting daily between Ormskirk and Leeds while I waited for our house purchase to go through - 180 glorious miles a day!!!!!
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Yorkshire = 1

come on Fi

i am a yorkshire lad

how dare you visit without telling us

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