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What's your average MPG? 3.2 V6 Petrol

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Average MPG - 3.2 V6 Petrol
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Calling all 3.2 V6 Petrol owners - whats your average mpg?
first one in

Picked 16-19 but its actually 18-21 depending on city / motorway. My long term average over 4000 miles is 19.3.

Overall pleased as i drive spirited with the occasional burst

Wish i had a 4.2 as they get all the extra power with little / no economy difference. SWINES! :evil:
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We nearly settled for a 3.2...... but kept looking for a good v8.... and you're right MPG isn't far worse.... Gotta admit the 3.2 still sounds great... but still... 2 pots short of a masterpiece.....
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No need to rub it in. I was looking for a v8, found one in a spec i wanted but it was sold! So i was impatient and got a v6..... Heh hooo sounds throaty but like you say its no v8.....
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since having the gearbox upgraded i can now move into the 20-24mpg category, my longterm average is now 20.4.

City driving now gets me 19mpg and a-roads are upto 25 (24mpg @ 80mph cruise control lincoln to london and back. a1, m11)

motorway driving mpg has improved since it no longer feels the need to drop into 5th at the slightest incline.

thought id repost for any prospective owners
with 245/70 x 17 mud terrains I'm getting 18 mpg driving 'normally', 23 mpg if I drive like a saint, never exceeding 55mph, coasting down any hills etc. Pathetic......
Not sure if you think driving at low speeds is pathetic or the mpg is pathetic! If the former, yes, if the latter, what did you expect from a 2.5 ton lump?!?!
I assume by "petrol" you mean gas(oline) right?

The wife gets about 18-20mpg on the V6 in full Auto (hasn't discovered the Tiptronic yet)

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Nooby, 'twas the former!
Thank God for that!
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