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Water leaking from tailgate into boot

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Taken from the VW Electronic Service Information System
Problem description
When opening the boot lid water runs into the boot.

Unfavourable water routing in the sealing system.

Production solution
Improved seal from week 30/06.

Service solution
Postpone repairs until the new seals are available.

Anyone know when the new seals will be available?
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Had mine fitted on 17th - they work fine too !!
does the new seal keep you completely dry when you open the rear hatch, even in this torrential rain? where does the water run to ?
It's bad enough that the Great Bristish Summer has turned to Winter with all this bloody rain.

I am sure that the Germans knew how crap our weather system is and that they thought "lets make em even wetter" GIVE EM DODGY SEALS..... ;0(
I'm afraid the Germans have the same seals!

Agree that they are &(*&^ but possibly the new seals will do the trick.
these seals are avialbe to order now and have lips in the corners to channel the water away better
there is a bulletin which adresses this issue with the water a modified seal which should limit this concern it has small up turns at the corners to prevent this ingress Replace the rear screen seal.

Use only seals with the part number: 7L6 845 521 E.

hope this helps Have just pasted from a previous post so sorry for repeating some of the wording 8)
Thanks touareg techy

Thats another job to be done - fingers crossed it works.

Ta very much
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