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?washer bottle leak

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I think I've found a new problem. Checking the car today, noticed the washer bottle cap top was off. It took almost 3 litre before I could see the fluid level. I checked under the car when I was refilling apart from the wet patch under the front passenger wheel (presumably aircon), I did not see any leakage.
Question where did all the washer fluid go? I topped it up only 1 week ago, and the top was snapped on properly. Does having the open top indicate where the fluid has gone? After a short trip I checked the cap again. The cap was very warm from the engine heat, and it came off with very little effort. I think I must have overfilled the washer bottle, the heat from the engine must have cause the water/air to expand, and presumbly blew off the cap, but I always thought you need considerable heat for that to happen. I wonder does anybody else have any other suggestions. I need to check with the dealers next week on this.
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Water expansion under heat would only result in about a 5 - 10% expansion (if it is that much). Just look at a pan of water when you are boiling an egg. So it must be something else.

You don't have any kids playing with the car when you aren't looking?

Mine can empty the battery and the washer fluid in about 10 minutes ..... little rascals.
My rascals are a bit like my wife. Doesn't like to get their hands dirty. Therefore engine compartment is self imposed exclusion zone. Still a mystery. Car going in for a brake service soon, will get dealers to check.
tell you what i have seen every noticed in the front slam pannel when you open the bonnet there is a rubber grommet to the side which is shaped with a little kick up point in it fits the same side as the washer bottle and some times is found adrift .This is caused by wind going under the bonnet edge and lifting it out ,well given engine heat and position of the bottle is it possible air flow is lifting off the cap and it is a bit weak
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Yes, have found this rubber grommet lifted at times, first time it happened spend ages figuring where it came from, it had migrated far from the hole. Getting a new cap to try to cure the problem with the washer leak, obviously with the car being nearly 4 years old, and imagine checking the washer container every 2 weeks that equates to an awlful lot of abuse on the poor cap.
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