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Vehicle level sensor fault

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So I have the 01780 vehicle level sensor fault but can see from the live data all sensors are changing with vehicle height EXCEPT the front n/s is way different in value to the other three.
Does this mean it may not be knackered and I should try calibration next?

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I don't think doing a calibration with a suspect level sensor would be the way to go.
You could try some contact cleaner on the electrical connection.
Doing it in jack mode might stop other codes coming up as the system is being monitored.
Thanks Chaser but I’ve done that. Jacked it up yesterday for an inspection. Removed connector to inspect contacts . Sprayed with contact cleaner and airline to remove any debri.
The front airbags were replaced two years ago and the level sensors also looked new. The contacts were still like new. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it, but obviously there is!
Used jack mode.
Can't think what else could upset the sensor output so I guess you're faced with replacing.
Not sure if they're handed but if not you could switch location and see if VCDS reading moves with it.
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Managed to calibrate it yesterday but that hasn’t fixed it So either it’s duff or I’ve a broken/intermittent cable.

How important is it to get a genuine VAG part for this sensor?

Are there any instructions or a video showing it’s removal?

Swapping’s a good idea if it’s easy?
"Cheap" Sensor ordered. Hopefully it will show if its the sensor or cable/connector. 🤞
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