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hi guys, this one is for anyone who has understanding and access to VCDS.

i was just having a play around this morning changing the colour scheme on the RNS 510 (boys will be boys)

when you go into controller 37 to do this and scroll down the bytes, there is one near the top that says something like (sorry my memory is rubbish) "sound system not installed" and there is a drop down menu with lots of radio variations.

does anyone know what the difference is between the VW selections??

sorry can't remember which bits and bytes refer, but if you go to controller 37 and have a scroll you will see what i mean.

also does anyone know if it is possible to have the climatronic display on the RNS in a Treg??

i have done some searching around varies forums and seems to be split opinion.

any help with these questions would be appreciated.
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