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Unable to select gear

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Good morning all,

Swmbo is not a happy bunny this morning.

Drives Treg to the farm to check horses and on returning to the car cannot get the gearleaver to move from the park position. Naturally I am 20 miles away on duty and get the Help!! call. tried the usual things ie switch on/off, key in and out cross fingers and toes etc but no joy. I suggest calling VW Assist and to be fair they were out within the hour. They had great difficulty getting the car out of park and had to resort to stripping out the Centre Console and eventually managed to get it out of park and into gear. the VW assist man then dropped Sue back home and left his van there and drove the Treg into Dane Chester who at this moment have no idea what the problem is or when it will be sorted.

Has anyone else ever experienced this or is it a one off??

Meanwhile VW Assist through Europacar have offered the following hire vehicles.

1. Kia Sedona.................rejected
2. Skoda Octavia............ rejected

Very fussy swmbo and is sticking out for like for like but somehow I think she will be disappointed.

Will update when available.

Tom ( who is for once is glad to be in work!!
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Can't Dane give you a loaner since they are doing the repair......?
I know they have a fleet of tregs... Have a word with Jonathan Kingsley.... He may do you proud, seems pretty supportive to me in the past.....

Only got a Golf plus form Europcar with one assist job, so think you're lucky to hav ebeen offered anything as big as an octavia.

Sorry to hear about the prob.... I figure you did step on the brake pedal before trying to move out of park...
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Annoying fault. Maybe some sort of interlock switch failure. Good luck with the loaner.
hope it gets sorted shortly, i got a Toyota Verso from VW ASSIST last time....

not had anything like this on Treg but SWMBO's DSG box has done similar where she says it wont go into gear and i try it and it works properly....but seriously have had the DSG not go they changed some switch somewhere and so far it has been ok...

Dane are working on it at the moment which i think is good as it was not booked in a dropped on them.

Still not found out what it is but they say they will call me when they know.

Swmbo eventually accepted a Golf 1.6fsi so to my mind the score is
Europcar 1 Swmbo 0

I would have taken the Kia to be honest just to see what it was like.

Oh well the joys of tregging :roll:

Knew I should have paid full wack for the first service!!!! they probably install a slow release fault when you get a cheap one done

Further updates when available.

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Fair play to Danes for starting to work on it so quick

Don't even think about wanting a Kia, wifey got one as a courtesy car when her Renault Espace went in for crash damage work - It's big, plastic and cheap, and it wouldn't look out of place at the back of one of your horses - and the same goes for the Kia

At least a Golf isn't bottom of the bottom of the range (ie. My local stealer always tries to fob me off with a 1.2 Polo GL) and, having just had a Golf Plus while my Treg was in for 90D7 recall, I have to say the overall experience wasn't too bad. A Treg would have been nicer though :twisted:
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Hi Tadpole ..

Sorry to hear about the problem.

With regards to the replacement car offered I had a Kia Sedona for 4 weeks whilst my car was out of service for 12 weeks ...

It isn't actually that bad ... In fact the kids didn't want to swap back as the car has an electric sliding door on each side which they found to be great fun.

From a space point of view ... very impressive ... however as you say ... it is not a ?30K+ car and never will be.

If it is any consolation .... when you eventually get your car back you will appreciate it so much ..

Best of luck

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Thanks all for your replies.

Well this story does have a happy ending

Early afternoon talking with Dane Chester, Who at that time didn't know what the problem was I was preparing for days if not weeks without the Treg and concerned that we might not be able to arrange a towcar during that period.

I get a call from Dane ( yes they called me
) to say that the problem was sorted and we could pick up the Treg in about an hour after they had valeted it.

It seems that the problem, according to the Vag Com was connected to the Park lock, traction warning light and Aircon.Faults stored were F189 - N110 and no communication to the Air con ECU. When they checked the wiring diagrams it appears they all shared the same common earth point!!

They stripped the dashboard to gain proper access to the earth point and found the loose connection. They resecured the earth and everything checked out OK.

Sue drove it home and said it felt much better.

So if you have an odd fault with anything electrical it appears that the large beam behind the dash is the main point for lots of earths.

Anyway very happy with outcome and to be fair VW Assist and Dane in Chester must get 10 out of 10 for getting us back on the road within a day.....oh and Europacar for eventually providing Sue with a golf just in time to pick up the Treg from Dane. :roll:

Cheers all

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Hey thats great to hear that its sorted.

not so great to hear that the factory quality control inst 100%.....

wonder if any other faults peeps are getting can get linked back to a loose earth..
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