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Having read one of the threads about how bad supermarket tyre inflators are, i had a look on for to see if they had tested any tyre inflators.

Which best buy is the Ring RAC 750, i found one on ebay ?42 plus a fiver p&p, other places anything from ?59 upwards.

Its a mains powered machine so will not plug in to the cars 12V socket,

I have made a pdf of the page and attached it to this post, it also has a couple of other pumps.

Just an added note, i got the car back from VW Inchcape in Romford with 3 new tyres and a 4th a couple of week after, on both occasions they had inflated all 4 tyres to 35psi, two seperate occasions.

More than likely a supplier did the tyres but the dealer should have checked the pressures. :shock:

Should be 42rear 38front for 255/55/18

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