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Twickenham Vw

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After endless issues with Citygate VW and after the suggestion on here, that maybe I try elsewhere... I have today put a call into Twickenham VW (awaiting call back), but before I proceed has anyone on here had experience of this dealership.... I'd hate to jump from the the frying pan and into the fire... !!!!!
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I bought my Treg from Twickenham in 2004 and they've done all the servicing.

Greatly improved on my last service. Stuart Harrison is your man.

There was no need for concern.... I have to say that by comparison it was like chalk and cheese.... Twickenham VW have a very professional approach and outfit... has now made me realise that I had previously dealt with cowboys.... Its a real shame this cosy feeling isn't felt at all VW dealers....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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