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Trip Meter Gone

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Hi all,

Picked my treg up from Luton airparks on Wednesday

Got in the car and the clock was 3 hours fast

All of the trip settings had been reset too zero

Any one any ideas on how this could happen, there where no reports of the battery going flat and the car started first time ?

The car does not seem to have any addition miles on it so I dont think it had been used but can not clearly remember how many miles where on it when I left it

Thanks in advance
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Mmmm. If you left the keys with them I would interprete that as someone having been at least playing with the car while you were away. Worst case is that they took it for a spin & reset everything hoping you wouldn't notice. Possibly fiddiling with the clock accidently while scrolling through the MFD's.

If you get any nasty letters from speed camera's, parking fines, etc. over the next few weeks, you'll know for sure.
think id agree with covrob there
Think you've been done mate.....

Had my Audi MOT'd collected by a local garage, full reset on trip and MPG averages, blatantly ragged it while dropping off and collecting and covering their tracks....

Cardboard, cut-out, c...!!
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