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Treg driving day

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So finally after five months they wrote to me and asked me to come to the off road/expeience day.

Going on Oulton Park and have signed up SWMBO also, poor thing she has just got a new merc C220d as a company car and bits of the trim have started to fly off in the wind! So this will be a treat for us both.

Will take some pics and post. Still waiting for the first service lights 12k. Any ideas when generally it will go off for the first time? 15/17/20k ?

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Hi Clarkyi,

What date have you chosen for Oulton Park?

Sue ( SWMBO )and I are going there on the 18th of this month.

Anyone else at Oulton on the 18th?????


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Clarkyi said:
...Still waiting for the first service lights 12k. Any ideas when generally it will go off for the first time? 15/17/20k ?

Obviously depends on driving conditions but mine, in common with quite a few others on here, came on at 17k miles as a 2k countdown for a service at 19k miles. ?200 plus the VAT, extra for new wiper rubbers all round and enquiries about brake fluid & pad changes as they wouldn't last to the next service.

Enjoy the day out. You'll be amazed at what the Treg can do.

On the 18th also, so I will see you there !
I'll be wearing a red carnation and carrying a copy of the times.....password question will be..... Did you know that you can slide the centre armrest foward in the Treg?

If the answer you get is "No you play it and I'll sing it" then you'll know it is I and the SWMBO (Helen)....

Looking forward to it......Cheers
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Thanks CovRob, this is what I thought around 17-20k

Hi Clarkyi,

Nice one!

Will look out for you.

I will be the one with the " White Knuckles " and hair to match. :lmao:

Not actually driving myself as I have done it a few times on Landrover experience days so just coming along as a back seat passenger.

Pay back time !!!


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Is there any way to see if the original owner/buyer of my treg used his driving day? Would it be transferable to me if not? I am essentially the second owner of my '04 V10.
Hi FH,

I'd be suprised if you managed to get the original freebie even if it hadn't been used - I bought my Treg with 70ish miles on the clock (basically brand new) however technically used as it was a dealer registered car - I was informed that this meant I wasn't entitled

Try giving the unlimited team guys a ring and ask them

So finally after five months they wrote to me and asked me to come to the off road/expeience day.
Worth the wait though, went on mine at Turweston yesterday, Unlimited Team excellent and the driving fantastic.

I now know what my car can do!!!!
Despite everything you read on here, it's still a rush to experience for yourself what a Treg is capable of.
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Hi Clarkyi, tadpole,

I'm alslo going to Oulton Park on the 18th! I guess this could be the first unofficial Treg meet!!!!

We best take some photies!

See you all there! I cannot wait!
So there's three mytregies on the day don't forget the password. It will be a great day out track and field so see you there take the cameras' right foot down and don't forget to buckle up turn right at the the star on the right and keep going till morning....

Cheers Clarkyi
Hi Danny & Clarkyi,

Not long now. Looking forward to it even as a back seat passenger

Cameras a must for sure.

Even had a call today from the unlimited team to remind me and to say have a good time.

So far so good.

see you all on Monday.


Tom & Sue
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Got the courtesy call as well, just the wet weekend to go, lets hope its dry on the track on Monday but muddy in the forest ! Have been on a Donnington Park driving day a long time ago so hope this is as good. Back then we did skid pan stuff with the car rigged up, caterhams around a tight little timed circuit, single seater formula fords, a tour around the F1 museum and vauxhall touring cars around the track.

My guess is that the Treg day will top it though......lets see

See you Monday........Clarkyi
It will not matter if the track is wet it is good for allsorts the treg that is

Have a great day

We did, even the food at lunchtime was ok

Really well put together

This is down to the team on the day not VW

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Cheers Rich,

We will try our best to enjoy ourselves

Pictures to follow I hope!


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Not long now. I'm counting down the hours!

See you all there!

Photo and video from yesterdays Treg day at Oulton Park.

I hope I have done it right

Great to meet fellow Mytreggers Clarkyi & Danny.

In the picture we have from left to right Clarkyi and Helen, Danny and then Sue and my good self!!

A good day had by all.


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great to see the Treg in action

nice to hear you had a great day
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Excellent video

Should answer a few questions about off road capabilities

Looks like an excellent day was had by all......
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