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Transmission clunk !!

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Has anyone the experience of a transmission clunk intermittently - perhaps one journey in ten there is a clunk as it changes up between 2nd 3rd and 4th.
I have read of recall problems with the transfer box. Would a 2003 model qualify for recall work by VW in either UK or France??
If there is a recall , does anyone know the code so that I can tell a French VW dealer what needs to be done.
I think code 90D7 was done last time in the garage but I am unaware what was involved????? Any help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Had a transmission clunk at low speed basically when in traffic, coast along lift off throttle then gently reapply - that was apparently the failed transfer box.

Gearbox on mine was replaced under warranty due to the 4-5th gear change on light throttle taking an age and slurring (stuck valve i think was prognoses)

gear change now is so smooth don't spill a drop of coffee in the car.....
Thanks for the info. I am going for service this week at VW - will ask them to look into it.
This is a long standing issue from the launch of the Treg, however it does not apply to every vehicle. A look at the sticky post link below may is worth a read... ... 033eea46ee
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