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Hi All.
I want to buy Touareg 2.5TDI R5 2004 year, please give me opinion about this car, engine failure, electronics etc.
How to look buy process?
You are happy user this car?
Thanks wery much.


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Welcome, Good car

No more issues as most of the bugs have been sorted, recalls and such like

I would recommend if your budget allows go up to the 3.0l tdi



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Last May I bought a 2.5 R5 from Danes Chester. The car was nice to drive, well spec?d etc- but after a few days I had a warning light saying ?low coolant fluid?. I topped up the header tank with the VW Pink liquid and milky oil floated to the top?.

I returned the car to Danes at the earliest opportunity and they confirmed that the header-tank was contaminated by oil (no explanation as to why) and changed the header tank. As they could not tell me why oil was in the water (and worried about a possible head-gasket issue) I decided not to have the car back and swapped to another 2.5 R5 that they had in stock (the first one came with a VW 30 day exchange scheme).
After reading post on here and on the US site I see that this is not an uncommon problem as there is a weakness in the oil pump and also the oil cooler that can allow the 2 fluids to mix. If the car you buy has had it?s 90D7 quality/recall done it should be Ok for this as they will have changed the weak parts ?just-in-case?.

I have since changed to a 3.0TDI which is way better- a lot quicker with only a 2 mpg difference. :twisted:

Good luck.


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Just some items for consideration for the 2004 model, if it is the manual version check to see has it "Brake assist", the earlier versions in that year did not come with it, but were upgrade free by VW. Reason its a safety issue as its is difficult to use the park brake to hold the car on an incline

Ensure that it is loaded with the latest version of the engine software, again software versions loaded in 2004/2005 caused engine roughness at 50/60 MPH.
If you have access to vagcom run a diagnostic, it will give a readout of all bus controller errors.
Tyre wear, lots of comments here on that subject, expect to replace every 12 to 18k, however again dependant on how you drive, manual/auto, tyre compound and those stepper motors. Drive the treg in a tight circle, both ways, and if you hear/feel clunking, its expensive to repair.
Last item, check aircon, it may need a gas recharge/maintenance.
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