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I have contacted an eingineer and the way forward could be for each one of us to have an independent report compleated on our veichels.
These reports would need to be collected in one location and presented on mass to show the sheer scale of the problem.
We can present them to BBC watch dog in the first instance and see what happens.
If that does not produce the desired effect the next step is more difficult but not impossable that is to take the issue to Court using one legal firm to represent all.
It is getting people to stick together at this point is the problem and that is exactly what VW relay on to win.
So if you are realy serious we need to form a stearing commitey and we need volinteers about 3 to 5 will be sufficent
I live in Northern Ireland but I am willing to do what ever is required .
Idealy the commitey would be made up of members living in mainland UK as it would be a lot easier to meet up but I will travel if required in a suportive capasity.
Let me know what you think Terry
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