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The " Quad " Voy

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My latest toy

The quad trailer, I will be out and about this weekend and will post pickies of my stupidness

It had to be done

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Great pieces of kit...should have lots of fun this winter.

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cool wee trailer mate , how much did it cost you ?
Thats my Christmas list for Santa sorted then.....
QUOTE(williammwatson @ Nov 1 2005, 09:38 AM)cool wee trailer mate , how much did it cost you ?

Hi William

The cost was £2275 including the dreaded VAT

From Bermick of Leicester

Good deal

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Hi Buster

Congratulations with your purchase of a Brenderup trailer. This product come from my little country Denmark, in fact, it is produced, on the island Fyn (the island between Sjaelland (where copenhagen is located) and Jutland. We call this island "The Garden of Denmark".
The factory is what I would call a big factory, and has "branded" their product very well. Denmark is in our own mind known as the country of trailers. Since cars are so expensive, people rather buy a small car and a small trailer. That was something Brenderup understood very early, and that is why people here do not say "a trailer", they say a "Brenderup trailer" to underline that they are owner of a good product.

Kind regards
I just hope buster remembers to lift the lid fully up before driving the quad in

Not recommended after a liquid lunch
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