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Some months ago I broke the rear glass in my tailgate, and consequently, the repairer removed the tailgate for spray paining and since then the repairer has had no success in aligning the tailgate and/or rear glass.

The problem is twofold firstly, the tailgate and tail lights are misaligned (cosmetic and annoying), and secondly, when I drive with the sunroof or a window open, exhaust gasses are sucked into the cabin (dangerous and unpleasant).

Today was the third time to the repairer for the same fault. I have developed a good rapport with the repairer and he's doing his best with limited information. I have written to VW Aus asking if they had a system for providing technical data to non-VW repairers, and typically, I got no response. Last week I called the insurance company working on the theory that they might be able to pull some strings at VW, and their response was that the European and Japanese car makers jealously guard their IP, and they took the Treg back to the original repairer.

All that said, does anyone have instructions/guides or tips on aligning the tailgate?


Bob Z
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