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Following the front assist update (GFF Guided functions driver assist systems update - 2054374/4) my dealer ran last month, I've had an issue with the ambient lighting colour not changing on the infotainment screen.
The colour will change on the doors, dash and instrument cluster but not the infotainment screen.

There's a profile setup for both me and the Mrs, each profile assigned to our respective keys.
The Mrs profile is set with a blue colour and mine with orange.
Intermittently my profile shows her blue colour on the infotainment screen and hers will intermittently show my orange colour.
No amount of changing the colour, turning ignition on and off, or resetting/rebooting the infotainment system will correct it. Also tried a factory reset of the settings and deleting and re-registering both our online WeConnect profiles to no avail.

Additionally the permanent/floating buttons on the right hand side of the infotainment screen have been acting up.
The 'Max' demist button would turn max demist on but not off again.
The assignable buttons would become completely unresponsive.

Had it back to the dealer today. They have fixed the problem with the permanent/floating buttons. Apparently this was a calibration issue. However, they can't find any error relating to the ambient colour problem but could replicate the fault. Both on my car and another they had in for a service which has also had the 2054374/4 update.

They've raised it with VW and await a response.
I was told that this could just be "normal" behaviour following this update. My response wasn't hugely polite :whistle:

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Well at least when you kick someone's arrsse at VW you can tell them "That's normal too!".
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