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T3 R-Line - Another Air Suspension Fault 👨‍🔧

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Sods law - after having my air supply pump and one of the front level sensors replaced last year, my air suspension is playing up again.

At the end of February I noticed a creaking from the front passenger air vent area in the dash - intermittent, but audible inside the car.

I then drove up to Scotland for a week and left the car parked up for 6 days before noticing it wasn’t sitting correctly - it was down at the offside rear and up at the nearside front. I started it up and heard creaking from the nearside front air shock. No warning lights were showing but as a precaution I called out VW Roadside Assistance and had a test drive with the technician. The air suspension rose to the normal level and it drove OK, so I was advised to drive it home and get it checked by my dealer.

I left it with the dealer for 2 weeks and in that time they confirmed the offside rear was dropping after several days and was outside the manufacturers tolerance of 4mm but they couldn’t find the source of the leak. No evidence of the creaking front strut either.

I agreed to take it back and monitor it when it dropped and at regular intervals thereafter.

Yesterday the car was visibly low and lopsided again and I measured the suspension levels from the centre of each wheel:

NSF - 50.1cm
OSF - 49.0cm
NSR - 47.8cm
OSR - 45.7cm

I’ve emailed the dealer and also VW Customer Services to see if I can get their Technical Department involved.

I haven’t been charged for any diagnostic work to date and until the actual fault has been identified, VW Extended Warranty won’t pay out for speculative replacements of the likely suspects.

I’ll start it up and give it a drive before the weekend and then carefully monitor/measure the suspension to see how it progresses, but at the moment, it’s taking up to a week for it to drop.

To be continued 😬
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Update - I carefully measured the air suspension drop on the OSR and it was the same old story, it steadily drops over 7- 10 days by about 4-5cm over that period, except for one occasion when the drop was only 1 cm after I opened the drivers door to check the mileage (VW Extended Warranty time again), and the car rose to within 1cm of the normal ride height.

About a week ago, the ride height had dropped drastically on both the OSR and NSR and the drop was measured at 8.2 and 8.9cm respectively.

I called out VW Assistance and the VW Tech who arrived that afternoon advised me to get the car back in the dealership asap. When I opened the drivers door to switch on the ignition so the diagnostics could be accessed, the rear ride height rose again to almost normal, so the system does work but it also has a slow and persistent leak in it somewhere.

I’ve consulted chaser on this matter and the VW Assistance Tech concurred that the Solenoid Valve Block may be the likely suspect, given that it distributes the pressurised air to all 4 corners. This however was replaced last year together with the faulty Air Supply Pump/Compressor under warranty, however its not unknown for replacement parts to be defective.

The Dealer Tech has still been banging on about the suspension level sensors being seized - 1 of which was also replaced last year when it physically broke During testing of the new compressor.

The car is still at the dealers as service/MOT are due next week - not heard anything back yet 🤷‍♂️

Image shows my slammed look at the rear 😬

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out a week ago,
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