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Hey, I'm new to the group.... I have done a decent search of past topics and haven't yet solved my problem!

Car is a 2006 3.0 v6

Issue - air con doesn't work!

So I first had the codes scanned which indicated loss of refrigerant, got this checked and it was near enough full - went ahead and had the gas removed and refilled and cleared the codes, this solved the problem for around 10 mins, fault reappeared and the air con stopped again.

I ordered a sensor from VW (thought I was ordering the g65 sensor, it turned out to be the other fitted low in the engine bay near the compressor), had this fitted and re-gassed - again, it worked for around 10 mins once the code was cleared - this then failed again.

I've now replaced the G65 sensor (one under the windscreen vents), had the system re-gassed and the codes cleared, this had cured the issue for a few days but today its stopped working again!

The garage advised it could be a faulty compressor, I'm not so sure on that as if the compressor had failed the system wouldn't have come back to life at all.

Another strange issue which must be linked and hasn't gone away during the whole process is that every time I press auto, the temp on both sides jumps to 22 degrees, is there another sensor somewhere that could be causing this issue?

Unfortunately I don't have access to a code scanner, so I cant drill down into much more detail without it costing me a fortune in garage fees.

Any help would be appreciated!

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My limited knowledge may help, similar issues on a T1. Scanned and the sensor under bonnet by the windscreen replaced, no change. Via another scan it was the sensor buried in the cabin passenger side high up in the back of the centre console area. I'm afraid i dont remember the type. I do remember the guy having to contort himself to get access to it. It works now. Surprised if a scan didn't suggest it 馃

I think it was the ambient temp sensor? There is a quite recent thread, last year iirc, started by me.

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I'm no expert here but here's my past experiences. ;-)
  • Have you tried looking for leaks either in the heat exchanger or on the pipes? My local dude has a bottle of water with washing up liquid that he uses to run along the exchanger and pipes looking for leaks. Slow leaks can show themselves only after having the air con running for a period of time.
  • When you turn the air con on, you should feel the load on the engine - the RPM will drop ever so slightly indicating that the compressor has kicked in.
  • Unsure on how yours 'should' act but the only time mine will jump to 22C is if it's on high or low and you hit the auto button. If it's on any other temp or setting then it'll just reset both sides to the drivers side temp
I would almost be inclined to see if there's a local mobile air con specialist that you can call on. I've one here - he's no access to scanners etc but he looks after cars, combines, tractors, trucks etc and is an expert in his field. (y) Good luck anyhoo
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