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Subframe bushes removal

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Does anybody know if you can hire or buy for sensible money VW tool to remove the bushed with the subframe in situ?

I think the tool number is T10301/20, most seem to be over £1000 or £300 for just the basic puller sim and guide.

Any alternative methods detailed anywhere without dropping the subframe?

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I would like the answer to this too, as i have one which is perished.
I was contemplating cutting up the inside of the bush with a dremel in two places and trying to remove it that way.
Then if the new bush is put in the freezer overnight to shrink it slightly it might pull into place with a large heavy steel washer and a longer bolt.
Interested to see what anyone else may have done.
Does anybody have a step by step guide for removing the front subframe on a drive, i.e. DiY ?
Sorry to drag this up out of the depths, but did you ever get a solution to this? I think I need to replace mu subframe bushes. I have found Poly bushes that should be easy enough to get in, it's getting the old ones out that will be the issue.
I ended up getting 4mm steel discs cut maybe around 85mm diameter (ebay) and bolted the subframe solidly up to the body. No noticeable increase in noise or vibration, and sailed through its MOT.
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