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Strange Symbols

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Just drove the treg from a service and 10 miles later up pops "a orange car symbol on an incline", with text Park Assist workshop
The brake pressure valve is kaput.
My question is whats Park assist and the incline symbol, they are not in the manual. I do not have parking sensor system, or incline starting assist. Its a 04 R5 model. But maybe its in the software, anybody have any ideas?
Aside from that the 20K mls service came to ?465 or ?300 incl vat.
The wiper were ?50. ouch and labour ?212 or ?140.
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Hill assist?
Had the same issue with the hill assist warning light both time after it had been in the shop first time had VW out to it who ran a check and reset the second time it went away on its own after turning off and back on mines an 04 as well VW tech thought it was software
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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