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Hi everyone looking for some much needed advice.

Have come from lincoln to london for the weekend and just as we got here the steering went sloppy and vague like when you have a flat tyre. Ok, so i have checked the tyres and they are fine :shock:

So now im fearing its something to do with the steering, anyone else had this ??

Please please help.
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Just a thought, but are you sure it was nothing to do with ice on the road?

Is it stil doing it?
Yep. had it on the skid pan during the R50 day
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still being a bit washy. just checked the hydraulic fluid which is at Min.

Does hydraulic oil naturally go? or could it indicate a leak. I have checked the steering rack (well the ends) and there isnt a leak although i cant see the middle section.
can anyone with an owners manual handy tell me what fluid it says i should use in the hydraulic reservoir.
One thing for sure... Oil doesn't evpourate.
If it's at min, then either there wasn't enough in it to begin with, or someone has removed some, or it is leaking.
Top it up with power steering fluid from VW - see post below - you need special mineral oil NOT synthetic so DO NOT GO TO HALFORDS!! as I originally suggested!!! tomorrow and after you have driven it home, leave it somewhere where overnight where you can see if any oil has dripped out - a clean, dry concrete floor would be best but make sure there are no other oil marks before you start.

The next day, if you have leak, you should be able to accurately identify where it has come from.

If necessary, jack the car up so you can see better with a good torch or lamp but, please, do NOT crawl underneath unless you have proper axle stands of the right weight capacity in place and the wheels chocked as even with a good height clearance like a Treg, a car bouncing down off a collapsing jack can do you a lot of damage.

If there is no obvious leak, I would definitely not ignore the symptoms and I'd get the car to a dealer ASAP anyway.
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thanks guys, will let you know how the topup / observation goes.
Ok heres a quick update / warning.

I have purchased and topped up the oil and checked the tyres at a garage compressor and they were 10 psi down on the fronts, this + the topup = happy treg. Im going to keep my eye on the level but after reading forums on other vag cars its fairly common for it to dissapear with age.

OK now heres the warning. I looked at the topup reservoir which says to only use mineral oil. Now I went to halfords to get some oil and all of the hydraulic oil they sell is synthetic, in fact finding mineral hydraulic oil is hard. So off I went to VW. They had a bottle on the shelf which is G004000M2 a replacement for G002000M2. The cost was ?6.83 for a litre (enough to fill the reservoir about 3 times) compared to halfords ?12+ synthetic jobs. So cheaper

Now after some research it appears on other forums that most non vag mechanics / silly users fill up the hydraulics with synthetics. This is terminal to the system and it corrodes all of the rubbers etc in the system leading to anything from leaky seals to pump / rack failures. Any VAG Mineral oil should apparantly be green. So if it aint green in the tank its more than likely to be synthetic.

Hope this helps others
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Thanks for warning about the need for MINERAL OIL.

I have amended a previous post of mine!!
I have already thanked myself with a big pat on the back. If i had put the wrong stuff in i would now be crying
but instead im happy
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