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Steering wheel wobble

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Can anyone help with suggestions or advice for the following, only had car 1 week and noticed steering wheel shaking between 60-80 mph have had car wheels balanced and wheel alignment by VW dealer, no better!!!
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did the dealer carry out a 4 wheel laser alignment check? do you have the results?
Is this a new car or a used one with miles on the clock if it is the second and the laser tracking, wheel balance has been done. Check the discs/rotors as they can get distorted under heavy braking otherwise it might a suspension issue but unlikely. The discs are normally changed after 30,000 miles as they go outside the wear limits depending on how the vehicle is driven.
PS check the wheel nuts/bolts....
A wobble at this speed can only be out a wheel problem, probably the fronts, if it comes through the steering wheel. Have the balance checked by someone else. Check for damages or bulges in the tyres and also a possible buckled rim. Try driving slowly (5 mph) in a straight line with hands off the wheel and look for the steering wheel moving slowly back and forth. This will indicate a tyre or rim out of true.
had this very problem on another make of 4x4 I had. After various wheel balances and alignment checks. All came back ok.

eventual changing of the tyres sorted the problem. We reckon possible flat spot in one of the tyres caused the problem. Couldn't tell what tyre.
Thank you to all those who came up with suggestions for my wobbly wheel problem. Took the car to VW AGAIN today who agreed it wasnt right! After sharing all your comments with him, they have agreed to replace the front tyres with NEW ........... good news is that they have also agreed to foot the bill!!! The car is a silver blue 2.5 SE, 55 plate. Will let you all know tomorrow if problem solved ........... having hassle from wife! She wants her car back!!!!
I have had exactly the same problem. Purrchased a new specced up 3.0tdi se 4 weeks ago and was quite excited. Picked the car up but noticed a slight steering wheel wobble between 70 & 85mph. Reluctantlygot the wheels balanced the following day because it was annoying, got them to check the balancing before they took the weights off and were found to be considerably out! This made a slight improvement but it did not go altogether and have had an ongoing issue for 3 weeks to sort. Unfortunately in the meantime I got five screws in two tyres and tried to get them sorted out. Guess what - Bridgestone 275/45/19 on 4 - 6 week back order!!!!!! spoke to vw who recomended I didnt mix brands so rendered the car useless. Now driving with temp alloys on and steering shudder still not sorted!!!!!

Any advice please
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this may be the dreaded poor alignment problem

I recommend the car needs a 4 wheel laser alignment check - I would ask the dealer to support in carrying this out

it needs to be independant and results per and post realignment
As I think I've said before somewhere the steering on the new tregs seems to feel considerably lighter, very possibly down to a geometer's change to improve tyre wear. This I think is why any small out of balance is easy to detect through the steering wheel. My own treg is the same age as yours with I believe about the same spec. 19" terra alloys and 275 Bridgestone tyres. I too feel that at times I notice a slight out of balance problem. In my case its not enough to worry me, but may be when I drive 500 miles to Goodwood in a few weeks I'll change my mind. The problem is no doubt made worse by the sheer size of the wheel and tyre which makes it much more difficult to balance properly.
I go back a few years to when it took the wheels on my Porsche 944 balanced four times with different reputable tyre depots before they finally got it right. The ones that got it wrong blamed all sorts of things on the car. The balancing is only as good as the set up of the machine and I'm sure many of them are far from perfect. Quite often they make the wheel worse rather than better.
So the moral of the story is, don't give up easily. You will probably find if you get the wheels checked by another machine before removing the weighs it will say the same as the first check you had done, out a mile. Only when you get a second confirmation of balance would I start to look further.
When you see them on the balance machine, also check for kerbing damage to the tyre as such a low profile tyre on a heavy vehicle can easily be damaged on a kerb or other sharp object.
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Did you get your problem sorted out regarding your wheel wobble?

I still have a wobble and so far VW have failed to sort it (or even know whats causing it!)

Now got 'Luxury' onto it but they are painfully slow
hi after vw had looked at car they put two new tyres on wheel balance and four wheel alignment this helped but still not much better in the end i took the treg to have all four wheels balanced at my expense this seems to have cured the problem The dealer said they had balanced all the tyres but their were no weights on one of the back wheels message for shipscat take to somewhere different for wheel balance
..........................................................................................................................................................................and still waiting for 'luxury' or dealer to call me !!

glad it's not just me!

booked in for 2nd rebalance this week

let you know if becomes a major issue
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