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Steering Hose leak

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Just had a call from the garage to say that as part of their free "safety check" they noticed a steering fluid leak on the underside of the engine shields and found a leak from one of the hoses. To fix would need replacement of 2 hoses - one of which is obsolete, and the other on back order parts will not be in for 5-7 days and would not advise use of vehicle.
I stated if VW have revised the part design there must have been an issue with the original and if it were serious enough it would have been part of a recall - if that's not the case then there would not be an issue with using the vehicle.
Garage phoned me back to confirm no related recall exists, but VW will honour 50% of the cost (?400) under "Goodwill" :!: - this will be the first one the garage have needed to replace.
Has anyone else encountered this?
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if the hose has ruptured then this is a failure, no..?!

And warranty work covers failures not wear and tear.... Maybe they'll try and hide under that...

Can't say I've seen any threads related to this in my time here, but if they've offered to cover 50% without you haggling, sounds like you could push for the full amount...

I'm assuming you're still warranty'd...?
I'm assuming you're still warranty'd...?[/quote said:
Nope it's outside the warranty (of course!)
Sorry to hear that boss......

So, if they're offering 50% you're alredy looking at a good deal....

Hope you get some more responses on here before you have to go back to them....

All the best...
It's not a topic I recall reading about on here over the last 2 1/2 years or so, sorry
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i'm always dubious when a dealer says 'leak'. They are more used to dealing with vehicles straight out of the factory, nice and clean and dry (no geasy marks). So, when they see a little oil where it shouldn't be then they have to take a valium.
How bad is the leak? Have you had any oily marks on your driveway? Has the fluid level dropped considerable? If not, then I wouldn't worry about it. They've probably found some greasy dirty residue over a pipe.
I also have a mondeo that always has a dirty oily reidue over the power steering oil resevoir and pipes, but I've never had to top it up and it never seems to be losing oil.
Ask to see the extent of the leak. But, if there is no evidence on your drive, then how bad could it be.
NB. I am not liable for any action taken based on the above
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Picked the Treg up this evening.

Garage were accomodating when I asked further about the hose problem and the engineer came and had a chat with me about it. He was very helpful, and explained to me exactly where the leak is coming from and pointed out that he spotted that the fluid level in the reservoir was down below the minimum (item on the safety check) which drew his attention to in the first place. The problem is with the hose design - rubber flexible into metal and the metal is crimped to hold and seal the joint. I am told that the new pipes don't use this design. The pipe in question is the one that connects to the oil cooler.

I had a look at it myself when I got the Treg home and I can see evidence of the leak all over the lower engine shield at the RH front side, and there is some corrosion of the metal pipe at the joint with the rubber flexible (poss coolant spillage?)

I guess newer vehicles should use the revised pipe design -
could be something to look out for on the earlier models.
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I have also spotted a leak!

can't say where its coming from,but it is dripping in line with the near side wheel,about a foot under the car!!(techno talk

will mention it when i go in on tuesday to have my aux heater and cat repaired
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purescotch said:
I have also spotted a leak!

can't say where its coming from,but it is dripping in line with the near side wheel,about a foot under the car!!(techno talk

will mention it when i go in on tuesday to have my aux heater and cat repaired
Hi there,

it is possible that the source of the leak is no where near the exit point (place where it drips from the underbody of the car) especially if the leak is dripping onto one of the various shields that are bolted to the underside of the chassis. Any way I'm sure your garage will give you the low down.

Just be wary if the stealer quotes you a cost that would pay off 3rd world debt and gives the excuse that the problem is caused by a differential between the widget and the flange it mates with on your vehicle, and VW in fact don't make that part any more, because it's been superceeded with a type of sky-hook now any way. :wink: :twisted:
cheers for that Tombo,

i did try and have a mosey around under the bonnet,but between having short legs,and the treg being well covered up,i saw noth.haha

That was when i found a package in the engine bay lining :roll:

update ye soon

toodle pip
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