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Dear all

Thursday I went to the closest VW "authorized Touareg" garage, to where I live.
Not the one I collected my vehicle from (stinky experience), but anew one.
I had phoned them about, the right hand sprinkler nozzle had dissapeared from the frontlight, and they informed me that they have ordered a new one, they informed me that they have painted the cover.."so come with your car thursday, and you can collect on friday"...perfect.

I ariive friday..Hello Mr Viking..everything is ready..and here is your keys for a brand new Audi 4 estate, which You can use until tomorrow at 2' clock when Your car is ready. SUPER..a new thing called service

"Is there any other things mr Viking ?"

"As a matter of fact..yes there is, could you make the mechanic take my car for a drive, I have a funny feeling like..ehh a sort of..I am holding the steering wheel to the left, but it is not like the car wants to go right feels strange, but on the other hand I have only done 2,100 miles in it. In other words could You let your man determine wheather I am ..eeh an idiot or not ?"

Next day friday: "Hello Mr Viking, we have fixed your sprinkler, this is a factory fault, they must have made a mistake. By the way Mr Viking, to use your own words "you are not an idiot", we have measured your wheel allignment by laser, and it shows the usual: wrong an completely out of spec in 7 out of 20 meaure points. As you can seee Mr Viking on this paper, which I belive you shall keep in your service manual, the red figures is where it is really wrong..blah blah

Mr Viking do not hesitate to call if there is anything that bother you..

Dear all

I have read a lot about tyrewear etc here, I can only recommend that everybody gets their wheels controlled, since the man at this lux car shop says: All of them are wrong, at least all we have seen. Remember mine was delivered 5 weeks ago.

Best regards to you all


ps Now the road feeling is much better.

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yip same thing here with our V10 the wheel alignment and tracking was out miles

now all ok but badly worn tyres

however I do have Hankooks ready to go but waiting until next month.

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Yep felt the same pull to the left on our new Treg, dealer carried out alignment at 1,800 miles now drives fine.
From previous Range Rover experience Goodyear Wranglers lasted in excess of 20K miles it might be worth looking at these as future replacements I know I will if we get premature wear out of the Bridgestone Turanza.

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