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My MOT tester couldn't open the bonnet on Tuesday - even though it was fine when I filled the washer bottle the previous week. Prognosis - snapped bonnet cable. Cost - 2.5 hours labour, plus the part, making a grand total of ?346.25 including the MOT. Chief suspect - the MOT tester with his robust attitude to all things mechanical.

Sidlow's labour rate for the "Luxury when they're being serviced" Touareg is a whopping ?110/hour, excluding VAT.

So I make it at just over ?300 for a bonnet cable. My tip is to break yours while the car is in warranty. Wish I had.

Does anyone have access to any guarantee worksheets, so I can establish what the factory allowance is (in hours) to repair this item? I get the feeling I paid for their mechanic to learn how to do it, and that the next one will be quicker. I'm going to ask them the question anyhow, and will publish their response on here. The garage involved was VW Gatwick (Sidlow in reality) who could, in their defence, at least do the work almost immediately, unlike Beadles, who quoted their standard "2 weeks without a courtesy car, 5 weeks with".

For a car I'm trying to sell, I bet the new owner (if I ever actually get anyone remotely interested in it - no viewings, minimal phone calls) won't appreciate all the money I've spent on it.

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ouch sorry to hear that...
you could ring another dealer they should be able to tell you the book time for the job, you could also try to appeal to their good side and they might do it for the warranty labour rate (what VW will pay) which from memory is either ?65 or ?75 per hour, for that id send SWMBO in and ask her to put the water works on....(it works both ways...)
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