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I've been using this dealership for the last ten years, and I would recommend them without hesitation.
This is the original SKF dealership, and most of the staff have been there as long as I can remember, so you get a continuity of care from them, you are always made to feel special, and there are not many car dealers I would say that about. My current Treg was not bought from them, they did'nt have anything in my budget range when i was buying, but it has made no difference to the service I have received from them. I had the cars second long life service carried out by them in August, my wife dropped the car off, they gave her a lift to work and picked her up again in the evening. They replaced the wiring loom in the rear tailgate, because it was not routed correctly and was chafing in the hinge, and they ordered a set of wheel centres, because they looked a little bit discoloured, and fitted them the following week, all carried out under warranty and without having to be asked.
The cost for the service was ?307.47 inc vat, which I think is pretty reasonable.

Hats off to SKF Hyde.

Note, I have used SKF VW Stockport and SKF Audi Stockport, and neither are any good, either in their customer care or their workshops.
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