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Just noticed that Sidlows in Gatwick look to have crumbled under the credit crisis,gone into administration!!!
Recently bought my V10 (sept) there from a very nice guy called Chris. tried emailing him to find out if all is ok,but with no luck?


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They've gone under

Should get used to this over the coming months......

I've seen a number of well known garages in the Yorkshire area going under too. I actually saw a fleet of car transporters loading up the fleet from the Mercedes garage in Pickering under the guidance of an administrator.

Literally there one day, gone the next.

At the same time, others are quickly branching out to sell 2-3 diverse ranges from the same garage, probably to hedge their bets.

And it's not just confined to the dealers - look at the state of the big 3 manufacturers in the U.S.....

I was reading somewhere that for every General Motors car sold, ?1100 goes straight to the pension fund to prop it up

Like they used to say on Dad's Army - We're Doomed!!!
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