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Service Costs

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I know this has probable been talked about before
would it be a good idea to survey the different charges for services
which swing from ok :think: to insane

(i dont quite understand as the are all VW agents)

This is my second treg as I have hi mileage (live yorkshire, work in Speke)
500 to service light was reached this week so called around and 10 minutes later

Richard Alexander Huddersfield ?390
Gilbert Lawton Manchester ?249
Smith Knight Fay Oldham ?220
Liverpool VW ?418

Lightcliffe Shelf (New to Treg) ?187

Now that creates ?200+ difference between the good old stealers

all based on 1st service 06 2.5tdi Auto variable
the only dealer who insisted on my full reg was lightcliff shelf
stating that she wanted to ensure that she had the right engine :think:

well my custom is going to Lightcliffe and the other ?200+ is staying in the bank

VW get a grip :thumbsdown:
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Well first service happened today and I woulsd like to say to Lightcliffe Shelf well done this is the first time I have had a quote from a stealer (?187) and the final cost came in cheaper (?171 first service any one top that)

One issue though, I asked them to check tyres as I have noticed slight wear on outside edge of offside front and inside of nearside front anyway the recomended 4 new tyres (rears are fine with 4mm left :think: ) and geom and track, which according to VW UK I would have to pay for as the vehicle has done 20k :thumbsdown:

They quoted ?170+ a tyre
which I have said no to, and after a little conversation as to the fact that this was my second treg (first swapped due to tyre wear) and I new exactly what VW UK where like, the service manager has said if I swap the tyres his dealership will geom and track FOC :w00t:

So final question guys I have been involved in and read a lot of different things regarding tyres :help: but it seems on this forum that Hankooks are the way forward but what is the correct rating fot a 2.5 tdi

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