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I have a 3.0 diesel Altitude, with 7k miles on the clock, and it is showing what looks like rust on the hubs behind the alloys. On my previous basic 2.5 model you couldn't see the hubs but the Altitude alloys reveal more.

OK it is not much of a problem but has anyone else seen this? Any solution to preventing it?
It is a bit ugly.

On the other hand the 3.0 engine is fabulous - 500nm torque at 1750 - and much more refined than the 2.5. On a par with the Disco 3/Jaguar diesel for quietness.


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Kaine is this a warranty thing.?
I have this on my 2.5.
It's also on the front pad holders.
i haven't had time to go back to the dealer yet but I would like to know if its a dealer no cost job,my treg is 9 months old and 3500 miles

Vehicle Touareg
DISS code 06050705
Service identifier 4650
Issue Customers reporting discs corroding on the section where the disc
meets the wheel.
Solution The complaint is known, this occurs due to external influences, ie.
the use of aggressive wheel cleaners, prolonged use of a pressure
washer and excess heat build up in the brakes due to aggressive
driving techniques. The consequential corrosion is not a
manufacturing defect, therefore, replacement under warranty cannot
be considered. The corrosion does not affect the performance of the
brakes. Volkswagen are not the only manufacturer with these
complaints, similar damage can be seen on most cars fitted with disc
brakes where an open wheel design is used.
Reporting We do not require any further cases reporting on DISS. Explain to
the customer that this is not a manufacturing defect

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how about;

'explain to manufacturer that this is not a manufacturing error, but a product design error and the corrosion resistance coating is not good enough' - I know it is all basically caused by the ELV Directive removing chromium VI from use in coatings, however I'm suprised the industry hasn't found a good cost effective alternative yet


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My first treg's hubs rusted when a couple of months old, took it to the dealer ( warrington vw ) who said it wasnt covered by warrenty but would sort it out !
They painted them silver with some sort of hammerite/smoothrite, looked good and didnt rust again in next 18 mnths of owning.
My new 07 tregs hubs, started to rust after a few months so have painted them with smoothrite myself !!
It is one way of rectifying the problem, but really when paying this kind of money for a car they shouldnt really rust !


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Just took delivery of my treg. Although 50 miles on clock and unregistered, there is rust on all 4 hubs !.

Looking at the dates, it has been standing for 5 months, but even so, a car costing nearly ?40K shouldn't need hammerite applying.

I'll see how VW explain this one away by power washing or bad driving.

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I would imagine any fix will be a dealer gesture if any. ELV Legislation states that such things as Chromium VI etc cant be used anymore in surface treatments and this is the direct consequence - until a production solution comes to the market then we'll see more and more rusty rims (on all car makes). Until then, painting is the only option (just make sure you paint as some good corrosion resistant properties
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