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Hi All,

I wonder if anyone could help, I have just become the proud owner of a '55 V10 Treg, and am loving it depsite a few small niggles which I am trying to get sorted out.

One query I do have is regarding the SatNav (CD system Travelpilot DX), I finally worked out how to get TMC (yup I now know you have to subscribe to it!), I got the latest 07/08 Teleatlas disk for the DX with TMC inlcuded and it seems to work ok. My question is this and I hope someone can put me out of my misery, according to the manual for the satnav when you add a route exclusion it is just a case of picking the road etc from the route list.

The problem I have is this (and this occured with the OLD map disk also). I can see my COMPLETE route list, but if I use the add exlcusion function I can only exclude a portion of the Route List, until such time as I have navigated further through the route. For example the ROUTE list may read:

+A24 . blah blah
M23 ..blah blah blah
M25 ..blah blah blah
M40 .. blah blah blah.
+A123 .. Destination

If I try to exclude for example the M23 (and travel all the way up to the M25 via the A24) right at the beggining of my route it is NOT dislpayed in the Add exclusion window, however it is displayed in the Route List. Am I being completely stupid or is this a limitation of the system?! If it is it seems a bit of a nightmare!

Many Thanks,

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