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Hi everyone.

we have had our 2005 Touareg a number of years but with aging and the cost of fuel the boss feels we should get fit and save money and cycle more.

anyway, we have, what I think is called a T1 or T2 channel running either side on the roof.
And 2 huge thick silver cross bars, which in themselves are a pain.

Now we want to put 2 bike racks bolted to the cross bars but all the bike racks I鈥檝e looked at the maximum width is 55mm and my cross bars are 80mm

I can鈥檛 afford the expense of changing the cross bars along with all issues of trying to fit them in the channel

if anyone in the UK know of any bike rack that can be adapted to fit onto these cross bars would be much appreciated


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Google "T track bike rack"

a T track rack should fit your original cross bars.
The track is where the rubber insert is fitted along the top of your bars.
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