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Hello folks!

I've upgraded original P0535 to P0824 mostly according to video manual -
- so I've done User-defined upgrade with changing all "N" and "S" to mark checkbox of Application in order to change it to "Y". In AMP_LC_V ( I think it was ST10 - Amplifier Application/Amplifier Bootloader) it needed to mark checkbox for Bootloader too as it would have stayed as "S". Everything went fine, but I have that feeling that after upgrade audio sound changed a lot - to worse - I've got 2013 model (manufactured in 2012) with Dynaudio. So I'd want to "roll back" to K0821 - this isnot possible in Standard mode; when I allow User-defined mode, I need to mark checkbox for Bootloader of AMP_LC_V (and other app too, which I don't remember right now - I can find that out if it could help) and everything looks normal - upgrade starts, but it gets immediately stuck on "The following devices are not responding: AMP_LC_V".

I also upgraded maps to 6.33.1 and activated them - these work alright for now.

Does anybody know how to "roll back" from P0824 to K0821 (or to original P0535)? Could anybody explain what I've done by marking checkbox for Bootloader of AMP_LC_V and how can I revert/fix that? In case it's possible, do you have a links to mentioned firmwares and step-by-step manual?

Touareg 2013 model with Dynaudio (manufactured in 2012) for Czech Republic, Europe.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I wonder if worse sound might be related to Module 56, Long Coding 7 - if new FW set it to non-dynaudio "02 00 07 02 01 00 00 00 01" instead of "02 00 07 02 00 00 00 00 01" ?


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