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Richard Alexander - Leeds 1/10

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Finally managed to take the Treg into Richard Alexanders in Leeds to have the bonnet catch fixed, after a previous visit when they diagnosed a snapped bonnet cable, and advised they needed to order a part in from Germany <_<

Also arranged to have the airbag warning light fixed for the third time, and the keys re-programmed after I got stuck in the car park at the Dartford Hilton with dead keys a few weeks ago

They agreed to give me a lift into work at 9:30 and agreed that the car would be ready at 4:30 - and so the farce of my day begins......

I had to wait around until 10:05 for the lift to work because no one could drive me two and a half miles, until one of the service staff gave in and drove me - that is where the 1 point out of 10 comes from

So I'm just getting ready to leave work at 4:15 to be at the garage at 4:30 (a colleague kindly agreed to give me a lift) when I receive a call to advise that there have been some technical problems, and the car isn't ready.

The service chappie then goes on to explain that the car wasn't ready because they'd been trying all day to diagnose the problem with the keys (this was done the previous time when I first had the bonnet looked at) and as a result, they hadn't been able to look at the bonnet or the airbag warning light due to the electrics on the car being knocked out - so would I be able to take the car in again on a mutually convenient day so they could finish the remaining work.................?

I gently explained that I've been driving between Leeds/Dartford/Glasgow for the past 7 weeks in fear of the oil light coming on, after it dumped a load of oil on one of the journeys just before the bonnet catch broke (4th time it's dumped oil now!), and ran out of screen wash last week on the way back from Glasgow

So they asked me to wait at work for another hour, and they'd see what they could do about the bonnet and call me back.

At 5:40 I gave up and phoned them to be advised they'd managed to sort the bonnet and the car could be collected though I'd have to re-book it in to the get the airbag warning light fixed - oh....and the keys had miraculously sorted themselves out!

So I have to walk from work to the garage in the pouring rain (not enough staff to drop the car off, Sir, as this is a very busy time of the day) much to the amusement of other work colleagues who find it hilarious that their boss in his big fancy 4x4 has to walk to the garage to pick his car up :thumbsdown: The last time I did that was with my first car, a 15 year old Mini!

In the meantime I've had to cancel a restaurant booking for me and my wife (even managed to bundle the 2 kids off to grandparents for a couple of days especially!) because they couldn't re-arrange my early booking for later on in the evening. :bashwall:

And what is the garage's considered response?


If I provided customer servie like that in my job, I'd have P45 quicker than you could say 'Volkswagen are a bunch of pointless [email protected]'

You may notice I am still Incandescent - I have, however, just edited out some of the other things I said

Rant over, chi restored, yang and yang back in kilter
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Leeds Richard Alexanders were as helpful with me so they will not get anymore of my custom
Their Hudderfield branch seem much better (at the moment
Wow...... it makes a change to hear about a FRIDAY dealer rather than a friday car :badbad:
For anyone reading this at a later date, its a friday
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huddersfield rich alexander are the ones to see the guys there are really on the ball .always dealt with them never no probs .always do ther best to sort out things that go wrong there techi cant remember his name tall slim guy is the man when it comes to touaregs and the best thing is you can always talk to him direct
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So what does anyone else think of this dealer? See the poll added at the top. Please only vote if you have personal experience of this dealer.

Choose "show results" if you do not want to vote.
prhim said:
So what does anyone else think of this dealer? See the poll added at the top. Please only vote if you have personal experience of this dealer.

Choose "show results" if you do not want to vote.

Brilliant idea

It's just this type of help members need and hopefully, as appears to be the case, the dealerships will look on here and see what they need to do in the eyes of their customers.

So vote away people!

Update on my own situation is that my wife phoned VW UK and had a rant

Phone call within the hour from Alexanders from the Service Manager offering to collect the car from my house a week on Saturday and drop off again when work is done - Along with more apologies.

I suppose I can't ask for more but if it was me in my job and I'd be phoning around florists and placing a bottle of bubbly on the passengers seat when the work is done - I believe it's called looking after your customers............
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