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i have an 06 treg alititude, the old system was rubbish, voice control never worked and replacing phones was expensive for the cradles i needed ,
just after my 3yr warranty ended my screen went dead, vw offered a 25% discount on a new one, well the same like for like, it was still going to cost me over ?800+
i wanted the newer version ?1800 ,,,,, but annoyed it only lasted 3 yrs i didnt want to give vw more money for something in my opinion should have lasted the life of the car,

i looked at pioneer ones but they looked chavish in the car, and was ?1600 fitted
then i found on a uk site a suitable replacement its not perfect but for ?450 im dammed happy man ,
i now have touch screen , 1 sd card slot for sat nav with tom tom, 1 sd car slot of other music, ipod socket on the front of the unit, and blue tooth for my phone and dvd player,and analogue tv, + loads of leads for games consuls etc laptops and cameras,
it will also take other other items, and 2 extra screens for the rear base box etc,

it also sounds alot better then the old one, i have a bose in my other car and it was really noticeable when i used the touareg how muffled the sound was, with the new unit its crisper, clearer and seems more powerful ,
at the time of purchase i could have got the digital tv version, but this has to be bought extra ?40 when you buy the unit not after, my mistake,
but i do have analogue tv on the one i bought,
i saw them on e bay cheaper, but decided for the few extra quid would buy from a uk seller the model is d9200
the instructions are terrible, you need to find your way around blind most of the time, but at 50yrs old i coped, i had to buy the keys from vw to remove the old one ?18
connecting it was a doddle, they supply one black box lead that connects to you original socket in the car, (but the blue fakra one i left unplugged i need to find out where it goes ???,
i fitted the arial for the sat nav supplied with the unit , and the 2 other cream and white fakra plugs were for the aerial just use both of them to the cream and white one, i also used the tv arial , i used one from the back of my old video player and the lead pops under the drivers legs easy to connect an arial too f i want to buy one,
getting it to go back into the hole is a real pain, this is because the connection conversion creates a box 4 inches square, so i put in a layer of card, slid the unit in on top of the card that held the box down ,,,,as i pushed in the unit i had to gradually draw out the card so the box sat under the radio
,,, i have 3 of the holders connected but not the 4th, doesnt show mutch, but will later cut out to the left the plastic dash inside to give room to this converter box,
i was pleased the 6 cd changer still works i nthe boot, but it doesn't show whats on the discs,
the volume on the steering still works but the sat nav and extra bits need a cambus adapter about ?20 i think , but i darent as there isnt really the room,
the sat nav no longer shows on the dash between the spedo and rev counter, but that doesnt matter to me,
had to spend ?20 on an blank sd card and ?16 on a card reader to get the tom tom ,,,,,,,as this is not supplied with the unit ;<)

the unit near enough matches the one in the new touareg, for under ?500 its worth it just for the bluetooth phone,,,,, the screen res is good,
and you have to remeber the 5 zones of the touch screen, but overall ,,,,,,,, 150% pleased , the makers catchphrase is BETTER THEN EXPECTED, im truly happy

if anyone can tell me what the blue fakra plug is on the main block for the original one is i would be grateful , it might be the sat nav built in arial ? if so then a simple lead to covert it to a screw on one would mean wouldn't need the gps arial they supply with the unit,

i had to wait 14 days for the unit to arrive as im sure they get them in to order, but offered me great after sales help and extras ,
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