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Resetting SatNav

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Probably because the Treg had a flat battery a couple of weeks ago the satnav seems confused as to where the car is. At one point, whilst driving past Gatwick on the M23, it told us we were driving through North London :shock: .

Anyway we reset it using the manual entry of position thingy but it wasn't long before it went out of sync with the cars position again. It's just been in the dealers and they also reset it but it's already gone out of sync just on the 5 mile drive back from the dealers.

So please does anyone know the best way to accurately reset the satnav to save us taking it to the dealers again?
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Once it has worked out where it is once, it should not need resetting. It sounds like a fault to me. Whatever, I would take it back to your dealer and ask them to fix it this time.
That's what I would have thought but the dealer apparently reset it yesterday - it's on the invoice (they did it FOC). It sounds as though we will have to take it back to them.
Well I seem to have sorted it, for the time being anyway. I made sure I was parked right next to a junction facing due east and then set my position manually on the map. That seems to have done the job but the wife reckons it will lose the position by tomorrow. We'll see.
Ahar. My '04 V10 keeps losing the plot as well. It won't keep the correct time! No battery probs that I know of but I didn't use it for some time.
Ah well, it's lost it again today. The wife went out and deliberately left the satnav switched off. After a couple of miles she switched it on and it told her she was in the middle of a field (which she wasn't).

Back to the dealer then :roll: .
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