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So, I've got a chip windscreen and the crack is getting bigger. Covered under AA.

My questions are -

a) generally speaking is there anything I should be aware of?
b) will the rain sensor need recoding, or do they just fit the old assembly to the new glass?
c) any scope to upgrade to a heated windscreen? I'm guessing the wiring wont be present and AA will only do like for like...

Your thoughts are always appreciated!



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Give the windscreen wiper nuts a good spray of WD40 as they can stick and might need to use a puller to get the arms off the splines - this happened on my old 2009 T2 and nearly caused the job to be cancelled.

Make sure you ask or an OEM screen supplied direct from VW or a VW dealer - third party screens may not have the shaded areas behind the mirror (or sun tint strip in the case of my 2009). Also make sure that the rubber strips down the windscreen/A pillar are carefully removed and replaced as they can be damaged.

It’s unlikely you could upgrade to a heated screen as this would be classed as betterment and you would most likely have to pay the full whack yourself - also most likely it couldn’t be done without modification to the wiring, again at your own cost.

The rain/auto lights sensor should be easily removed and reattached with a new double sided sticker. No recoding should be necessary.
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