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Remote key not working - battery change

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Well our second key decided to give up trying to unlock the car this week.....already using the spare after the primary one stopped after about 18 mths - I know, lazy, just never got around to sorting it out and the spare worked so.....

Anyway, obviously had to do something this time!!

So, having had a quick search around the internet I established how to open the "plipper" - best description I can come up with is that you flick the metal part out, and then insert a coin/wide screwdriver/something into the channel where the metal bit sits, then twist - this will start to push out the lower panel of the plipper, behind which sits the battery.

Off to the jewellers to get a new battery - ?1.50.

Drop in new battery.

Press button and

Nothing...... :evil:

LED (on the plipper) was lighting but absolutely no action from the car...

So, down to the dealers to consult the Touareg techy (could have sorted it over the phone actually).

Turns out that when you have replaced the battery, in order for the car to "recognise" the key again, you need to insert it into the ignition and turn on. Turn back off and remove and ALAKAZAM! it works!!!

No doubt some people will already be aware of this, but I wasn't, despite having initially searched to find out how to replace the battery!

So, hopefully, this may help someone else in future.

(I know that this will be news to Kaine & Scottie as they will have changed their cars long before .......
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I know that this will be news to Kaine & Scottie as they will have changed their cars long before .......
very true, but of course very useful to everyone else

Kaine said:
very useful to everyone else

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Just had my primary remote battery changed 2-3 months ago, while the car was in for a brake service etc. Been very lazy and just asked the garage to do it. The original remote battery lasted nearly 4 years, so I'm not complaining.
Thats why this forum is so useful. My key fob has been playing up and dash display reminded me that the battery is running low.. But being lazy as well not got round to doing anything about it. I have keyless entry and it is now only working by putting the key fob up against the door - hardly keyless - and not so easy when the key fob is in your jeans pocket.

Time to change....Thanks for the post
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