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Rear Diff Oil Recall 2004my

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Picked this up from the US forum:

My car is within the VIN models identified but nothing in my service book about this. Only recall my Treg has had was for the seatbelt in 08/04.

Anyone aware of this recall?
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Its an interesting one. Unless the US models use different oil then I assume it effects the UK models too
Just a thought....the Vortex thread seems to suggest that the recall only applies to models with the optional locking rear diff - so maybe cars without the locking diff don't need the oil replacing?

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Not sure if it was this or not, but my Touareg was in the dealers last December for some engine work when I received a phone call about an oil leak from the rear diff. Had to wait several days for rplacement diff from Germany. Yes, it was the optional locking diff.
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