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3.2 V6 petrol 2004
My Radio / CD player comes on and off on its own, even when the ignition off and car is parked. I come back to my car and find the radio is playing. The problem is intermittent - in goes right sometimes, but seems to be getting worse. When it comes on when driving no amount of twiddling the controls will alter channels or volume. It just seems it has a mind of its own!
I have managed to get the unit removed from the dash so I can use the vehicle without the radio running my battery down.
I image these units are very expensive - its a big lump - and I've been told around ?400 by Halfords though not priced one from VW yet.
Assuming the fault is in the unit itself, which is the most obvious cause, can I get repairs?
What's the pros and cons of fitting after market units, apart from losing the original dash board appearance and losing steering wheel controls?
I wouldn't mind up-grading to get Bluetooth hands free phone and USB / MP3 functions if this can be done tastefully?
Any ideas welcome.
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