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Has any one had a problem with their radios going off with a loud bang when driving, going dead then coming back on again on its own. None of the other electrics seem to be affected when this happens. This has happened to me twice now in the last couple of months the first time I was on my own in the car and I just put it down to one of those odd things that happen but it happened the other day when the wife was in the car and she C&%pped herself Have`nt spoke to dealers yet, just wondered if anyelse knows of a problem.It`s the newer type from an 08 Altitude.

YES :!: :!:

This happened to me last week as I started the beast after popping to Halfrauds for some screen-wash.

I can only put it down to the fact that I was blasting out Ian Brown's FEAR as I pulled up and the beast was not entertaining the volume level I had set

Stereo failed to work after it let rip so I shutdown and rebooted the ignition and all was fine
Anyone else wonder if Microsoft have something to do with the Treg :wink:

You can tell your SWMBO that I too touched cloth when this happened :shock:

Mine's a 53 plate so looks like it's genetic


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Yes, this does happen a bit with the RNS510. It's happened to me and Kaine anyway ...

Tell your dealer and get them to do the firmware update thing. See the caveat about wiping the HDD.


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More Ghosts??

Sounds like a job for Ghostbusters !!!

Call Ray Parker Jnr right away.

I'll get my coat

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