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Hi All,
My radio/cd has developed weird a fault - the stations re-tune themselves and I can't turn the radio off, even when I turn off the ignition?
The fault comes and goes with periods of normal followed by periods when there's no control at all?
I have been quoted ?800 for a replacement unit, so I'm reluctant to put this into a dealers - probably cost as much as an after market unit just to look at it!
An independent auto electronics shop say they think its the main board - they re-lacquered the board for ?35 because they can't find where to get a new one - which seemed to work for a while - but the fault is back.
They say the unit is not one of the usual makes VW use - one they never heard of, so where do you get spares?
I could buy an after market radio/cd with USB for ipod for around ?120, but then I lose the dash board appearance, the steering wheel controls and and it can take only one of the two antenna wires.
Any ideas? Has anyone had a similar fault?
Help much appreciated.
TReg 2004 MK1 3.2 V6 Petrol, 6 speed auto

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Is it the Delta radio? If so plenty come up on eBay usually as a result of an upgrade to a satnav unit. I've seen them go for ?30-40 including the code. There are 3 or 4 on at the moment. Worth a look......
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