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Questions about lock actuator

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Hello, today i had a problem with my 3.2 Trg. When i parked it after that it did not want to start. No lights on the dashboard, no steering wheel release just beeping sometimes and showing dashboard error " Steering wheel defective workshop". After quick research i understand that it is a issue with the lock actuator in the steering column. I dissambled everything under the steering wheel so i can access it and after several times of unplug/plug the cable and cleaning the error (00288 steering column Lock actuator(N360) 014 Defective) i was able to start it.
So my questions are:
1. if the lock actuator is broken or for replacement would i be able to start it again or it might be plug problem ?
2. Can i replace only the lock actuator and how because i see that i need to drill a hole in order to remove some screw under his cover?
3. Do i need to adapt it with Vag-com if i replace it with some other ?
4. Will actuator from other models like 3.0 TDI or 2.5 TDI will fit on mine 3.2 ?
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Is the battery in the remote control OK???
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