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Pulling to one side when driving

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Are you sure the roads you are testing the car on are perfectly flat with no camber?
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s4treg said:
Has anyone else had this problem, i.e treg pulling to nearside when driving?

Just bought my treg last weekend and the garage has failed to sort out the one problem i had insisted was sorted before i got the car. Pick the car up and immediatly took it straight back, they said that theyve had it all checked out and alignment checked by VW, tyres are all ok about half worn and pressures ok
This still gets to me but apparently the Treg is set up to have a bit of camber follow. I paid to get mine laser checked and all setting were right. It can be a bit strong in my opinion. On some routes the wheel almost flicks to the left.
I noticed this as well, but had dismissed it as a VW thing, my Passat used to do it as well. The stealer seem tothink it was the norm on most VW's
all of my cars ive ever owned have had a tendancy to go left.

The difference is if its a pull and you have to apply force in the opposite direction I would say thats a fault. If resting your hand on the wheel is enough to counter it I would say its ok.

My touareg's handling was transformed by a proper laser alignment at Nottingham Car 4 Wheel Alignment and would recommend anyone to go to a proper alignment place.

Also of interest my car had a new "Control Unit" at 17K (whatever that is) due to alignment / tyre wear issues.
Don't forget, a camber is just a down hill run-off. If you run a couple of tonnes of vehicle traversly across a slope, it will head down hill (unless you over-compensate on the tracking and that would cause additional tyre wear)

I was initially concerned about this after having a 4 wheel alignment and new tyres. On some roads with a fairly high degree of camber I had to steer against it, but on a flat road, there is no pulling to the left. I'm not at all concerned because after 24k miles, there is no evidence of eneaven tyre wear and I still have about 5-6mm tread depth left.
24,000 miles and 5mm left?!

Given that a new tyre starts with 9 mm, that works out at 6,000 miles per 1 mm of wear which is excellent.

If you change the tyres at 3 mm, you will have got 36,000 out of the set.

So what make and model of tyres and what size are you running, please?
They are the infamous Hankook Ventus 255/55. I had the rubish pirelli scorpions on from new, but they were only going to be good for 13K, so had them changed at 11K after showing VW my displeasure about the wear rate. VW paid for half a set of tyres of my choice and did a free 4 wheel alignment. I've now done 35K miles in total.

So, I took the advice of most people on here and went for Hankooks. They usually cost about ?100 per corner.

I, and most people on here will recomend Hankooks.
I am the new owner of a V10 Altitude 2007 with 15k miles, I noticed as I drove my car from the dealers on my first day of ownership that it pulled slightly to the left, I got out and re checked the wear on all tyres, none to report! I did however add almost 20psi to the offside front tyre and 7 psi average to all others...seems like my dealers PDI check was not that thorough, oh and the screen wash reservior was empty as well!! The car still pulls to the left now and then depending on the road, I have even felt it pull the other way too? I thought that maybe it was the size of the wheels and tyres 'tramlining' like you get in sports cars with big rubber, mine are 20" wheels...

Not tempted to have an alignment check just yet, but I'm monitoring it
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The pulling to the left or right will be more evident in a V10 because of the weight of the engine. It will veer left or right depending on the way the camber runs.
Jeremy Clarkson test drove a V10 on Top Gear and one of his main gripes was the enormouse weight of the V10 means he couldn't just sit and relax in the car, but had to constantly keep adjusting the steering to counteract the camber.
I have half your engine (2.5 - 5 cylinder), so although its not really bad, I still have to compensate when driving on a road with increased camber.
Tregger-Happy said:
Is that like a Mouse that lives on the same planet as the ewoks? Oh no, that was Endor...

Looks like you should get hold of Mr Bellamy, cos you've just found a new species..! (and no, not your one trick pony, 'pony' welsh striker)
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It seems like the forum now has it's own built-in spell check.

Thanks HFG.

PS. why have you not made friends with me on F-B.????????
Tregger-Happy said:
It seems like the forum now has it's own built-in spell check.

Thanks HFG.

PS. why have you not made friends with me on F-B.????????
At last I'm good for something... and just not been on fb for an age... and you smell.
I love Clarkson, but he would moan if he won the lottery and the cash was in the wrong denominations... at least we didn't all go out and spend ?130K on a Ford GT that never left the garage, now THAT's something to moan about!
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I went to a nice wedding in the summer.

My wife knew the young lady getting married and we had met the groom - a farmer - once so I knew he was into tweaking old Land Rovers in one of his barns by shoving ever larger V8's into them very successfully both mechanically and aesthetically as I'd seen some of his conversions and he's clearly a talented engineer.

At some stage during the wedding in a big marquee in the field opposite the farmhouse, I noticed the groom had disappeared. A few minutes later, there was the unmistakeable burble and throttle blipping of a very powerful V8, however it wasn't in a Land Rover but a red GT40.

Blokey blokes all gathered outside to admire and silly old me asked him which kit he'd bought.............OOOOOPS!

It was the REAL McKOY - a wedding present from Mum and Dad - all 130,000 quidsworth - to go with the new 5 bedroom barn conversion! :oops:
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Lol!! Easy mistake...

How the other half live aye? It reminds me of the story I heard about VW transporting a load of new Phaetons for some event or other, and the truck pulls into the motorway service station, apparently someone was heard to say, " Oh look, those are them new Passats!" ... not good if you've just ordered a nice W12 LWB for ?70+K !!

I wonder if the lad drove the Ford GT, I know Clarkson sent his back due to it never actually running, all that after almost 2 years of delayed delivery times, not good, I thought my TVR was temperamental. I hope he gets to do more than wheel his GT out the garage now and then.
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