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OK here we go. Bear in mind the weather has been foul and the car already looks like it hasn't been washed in a week!

Pics of the inside to follow....

Check out the exhaust tips for a good idea of how they look in situ.

My one disappointment is that the car seems to have been ordered without the 8/11 stereo upgrade, despite the fact I explicitly put it on my order. Oh well, might use the money saved to buy some upmarket speakers...

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matt top drawer,

i would go for aftermarket speakers if i was you

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QUOTE(Marky @ May 20 2005, 10:03 PM)

Sorry for the last response, or lack of it... The weekend Guinness kicking in...

Matt, seeing your new car has hooked me on a Touareg...

Need to find a second hand with the following spec:-

4.2 V8

Diamond Black
Engine Spin bits
Sun protection glass
Tow Pack

Not fussed about:
Air suspension - More to go wrong (Range Rover proved this to me)
Sat Nav - Seems satnavsystems can do it cheaper

Not sure what else I need but Touareg it will be now....

Anyone want to buy a 330CI....?

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QUOTE(Marky @ May 20 2005, 10:14 PM)Good god, four cans down and now I forgot the quote bit.... I give in, technology and the black stuff just don't mix....

Go for it Marky

bril car

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