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Can the learned advise please.? My car was built with heated auto-dim mirrors, a great asset imo. They're tinted with a noticeable black border frame, I understand these are liquid filled in some way?

Anyway the drivers side is starting to deteriorate and by accident I have a lens from a later model car, its the right type same shape and fitting, It came with a complete housing i replaced a couple of years ago.

So, I'd like to put this to use but would also like the matching left side as they're very different in style. eBay if searching manually seemingly only offers items in the US of A, for circa 60gbp, but 'shipping' is laughably over 100 gbp. My question is are any of the displayed numbers recognisable so I can Google search for the other side.

I understand this to be heated auto-dim, the connections are same as the exiting lens.

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