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Parking sensor lights (red ones only) ???

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Why have mine decided to come on when there is nothing nearby ?

Its only the front red lights, not the yellow or green ones.

Is this a warning code for something else ???
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Hi Meld,

We had exactly the same problem a few months ago!

We booked the Treg in for investigations but they couldn't see it for 3 weeks as they had no Treg mechs available before then.

About a week later the problem just cleared and has never come back. So never took the car in.

I put it down to a glitch in the master control unit ( If there is one?? )rather than the individual sensors. No Idea to this day what caused it but it did affect both front and rear displays. At the time, I posted a thread similar to yours but didn't get any feedback so I guess it isn't a common problem.

Book it in hopefully it will be sorted before you have to go!!


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meld3 said:
Why have mine decided to come on when there is nothing nearby ?

Its only the front red lights, not the yellow or green ones.

Is this a warning code for something else ???
I've had this twice - once in December last year in snow and again on Thursday after a 230 mile drive in, wait for it, snow

I put it down to the sensors getting caked in the white stuff
Must be snow related - they have been good as gold all day today now its all melted.

Maybe its German for "put your winter tyres on sonny !!"
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yep...we had that....just switched them off until the snow cleared.
You're not the only ones.

Every so often mine does exactly the same (red lights only) - usually on rainy days - when the car has been left sat outside for a while. Could be moisture etc I guess.

I mentioned it when I was last at the dealers, they couldn't find a fault code.

BTW: I notice they've moved the sensors slightly on the 2007 facelift model, up onto the painted portion of the bumper - I wonder why?

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Hello from Greece.
I have been having this problem for over a year now.When stopped the four red lights come on for some seconds and then turn off.No obstacles,no acoustic signal,just the red lights.Been to workshop but they could not find the problem.I was told that with the new updates that were installed would solve this but still nothing.The lights came on at shiny days,no rain or snow.

Welcome to the forum. Does it happen all the time, or just periodically?

konstantinos said:
Hello from Greece.
[schild=11 fontcolor=8B0000 shadowcolor=8B0000 shieldshadow=1]Hi from myTreg[/schild]
Can't help with the sensor problem, but welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the welcome.
It happens periodically.Reading this forum and another american since there is not any greek vw forum i understand most Touaregs have the same problems.Another problem that happened a month ago is that the navi/radio screen obscurs automatically when switching on the lights or en route after turning on the engine.There is an option in settings/set up for auto or manual dimming.The setting was in auto,i switched it to manual and it stopped obscurring automatically, but it did not from the beginning.I was told from the workshop that it could be a problem with the bulbs in the navi and that they will change it with a new one.Any one has heard this problem?
Normally when just the two outside red lamps come on in the front and rear it is a indication the system has a fault this can be an instant obstacle eg snow ,or even mud , if it keeps happening the start of a possible sensor fault either way once cleared the systems rechecks itself again at the next operation and clears down
I found this problem with my treg also after a little investigation myself i found a loose connection in one of the sensors in the front bumper.
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